The Rainmaker System - Built by Salespeople for Salespeople.

The opportunity to directly engage prospects, start conversations and close more deals starts now. Rainmaker redefines the art of the sale with Prospect Automation – a comprehensive approach to pipeline nurturing that melds automated distribution processes, high-touch human support and compelling content. It all works in sync to keep your prospects engaged and on the path to purchase. Prospect Automation mimics A-player prospecting behavior by building relationships between salespeople and prospects.

The pioneer in Prospect Automation, Rainmaker works with your Sales team and Marketing organization to execute carefully crafted and highly strategic multi-touch content campaigns that feature messages from individual salespeople. The combination of relevant content, frequency of touches, variety of mediums and personal nature comprise a sophisticated system that resonates with prospects and compels them to purchase.

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We set you on a path to success through our Rainmaker OnBoard process. We begin by aligning internal teams and defining sales targets. We tackle the details such as list sourcing and cleansing, custom Rainmaker Writer™ font creation and establishing tracking metrics.

Next, we schedule a highly strategic, deeply engaging kickoff session to set goals, establish the prospect pipeline engagement framework and choose content for execution through the Rainmaker Portfolio over a fully-constructed 11-month campaign.
Our multi-channel prospect engagement system fuses content and automated outreach of personalized materials. Compelling content is at the heart of every campaign which fuels a steady drip of information to demonstrate to your prospect that you’re a worthy partner. Rainmaker Portfolio elements are distinguished by Rainmaker Writer – sophisticated handwriting capture software driven by an algorithm that creates a truly accurate handwritten communication. You want results. Rainmaker delivers. We go beyond open rates and click throughs. We measure by conversations started. As part of every engagement, your dedicated account representative provides detailed analysis on your campaign success, makes adjustments and determines what content drives the highest response. We make it easy to monitor progress and measure ROI.

What’s more? Rainmaker integrates deeply with every client for every engagement so that we become part of the team. Our clients see us as an extension of their sales and marketing teams – an invaluable, accountable team member who generates results.

What is Prospect Automation?
  • Prospect Automation combines content, automated distribution and high-touch human support to enable the salesperson to more effectively engage prospects
  • Unlike marketing automation that typically relies upon email as the primary channel for delivery of information, Prospect Automation effectively connects with prospects via a multi-channel distribution system
  • Prospect Automation is designed to build relationships - not just brand recognition

Do you want proof that it works? We have extensive metrics we can share with you. Contact Us for more information. (720) 290-1180