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Varying the Medium

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If someone sends you a marketing email which you promptly delete without reading, chances are that you're going to delete the next two identical marketing emails from that company/rep as well.

too-many-emailsOr perhaps someone leaves you a voicemail which you only listen to half of before deleting, never intending to call that Sales Rep back.

BUT - Imagine that you got an email first, and then the sales rep followed it up with a voicemail or a handwritten postcard – you might recognize their name and be more likely to pay attention, right? This is what's happening to your prospects as well, whether they know it or not.

It's not just about communicating more than a couple of times, it's also about capturing the attention of a busy prospect who comes across hundreds of solicitations and marketing communications EVERY DAY. Each one of your prospects is not only busy, they are busy doing different things at different times, and they all absorb information in a personal, individual way. How is one Salesperson supposed to account for all of these variables among their prospects at any given time?

The easiest way to communicate with prospects who all have different needs is to vary your communication mediums, timing, and messaging so that the right correspondence has a chance to reach your prospect at the right time for them
busy busy.

Some prospects will retain information presented in pictures or text, others will prefer to hear info in a voicemail. Most prospects, regardless of their preferred communication method, simply need the repetition of your name, your logo, and your interest in helping them solve a problem to really take notice.

Furthermore, sending direct mail correspondence, even something as simple as a post card or sticky note, gives your prospect something physical to hang on to in case they need your advice or services later.

Email fatigue is on the rise, and Salespeople need to be creative now more than ever. Make it impossible for your prospects to forget you! When John Prospect receives 3 canned marketing emails from your competitor - THEN he receives an email, a voicemail, and a handwritten postcard from you, who do you think John is more likely to call if and when he needs help?

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by Maria Getto

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July 29, 2016