Singing the Sales Blues

How do you feel about your prospecting efforts so far in 2016? If things haven't been as productive as you had hoped, keep reading for some advice on beating the "Sales Slump."

box of sadnessSome people are born to sell – it's in their blood. Salespeople love the thrill of the hunt, and they genuinely enjoy talking to people and getting to know them. It takes a certain kind of attitude to face constant rejection and let it roll off of your back. That attitude is a large part of what makes a Salesperson successful – but sometimes you need more. "Buck up," and "Success is a state of mind!" aren't very helpful sentiments when you're facing the Sales Blues. If it were that easy, you would have "bucked up" already!

         So much of a slump has to do with inaction, and inaction often comes from fear. Maybe you've recently lost a big account, or that presentation you worked so hard on last week didn't amount to anything. When you take your job seriously, the hits will get to you. Everyone, at some point or another, is in need of a jolt, a nudge in the right direction, to get back on track.

There are plenty of things you can do to pull yourself out of those Sales Blues and unclog your pipeline:

  • Dust Off That Rolodex: I know you might not have a real rolodex still sitting on your desk, but I bet you do have a stack of business cards or a list of LinkedIn contacts you haven't connected with yet. What about those prospects you gave up on last year because they never responded? Try sending out a few emails or write a couple of notes to people you haven't connected with or spoken to in a while. You never know when "the right time" and "now" are one and the same.
  • Get Creative: A bad attitude is easier to hang on to when you feel stuck in a routine that isn't working. Take the initiative and do something different. What haven't your prospects seen or heard from you before?
  • Get Even More Creative: You might think you've exhausted your lists, communicated with everyone multiple times, and you're left swiveling in your chair and feeling bummed. Ezekiel Rudick at DiscoverOrg suggest going through all of the Out of Office replies you've received in the past few months. Many of those auto-replies have alternate contact information. Try reaching out to these people to see if you get better traction (or at least more visibility). There's always something you can do, you just have to be willing to dig a little.
  • Don't Forget About Referrals: When was the last time you reached out to your past clients? People move up in their company or change companies altogether. Offer to buy coffee and catch up. The connection will make you feel more positive about your job and potentially lead to some new opportunities.
  • Get Out of the Office: There are always trade shows, conferences, local business events, and chapter meeting happening. It might not be your first choice, but it's better than sitting in your office feeling sorry for your pipeline. Get up, get moving, and go meet some new people. All it takes is one conversation to start an entirely new web of potential prospects. Literally put your best face forward and do what you're best at – talk to people.
  • Educate Yourself: There's nothing like a good book or article to reignite passion for your profession. There's a wealth of information available out there, and some of it is actually worth reading. When you feel stuck or disappointed, try doing a little research. Find blogs where other Salespeople are experiencing the same pain points, look for new trends in your industry to stay ahead of them, or read some reviews on and buy a new book. There's content being created every day, and much of it is free and easy to access.

Whatever you do, don’t wallow. You'll feel better knowing you are making an effort to keep things moving forward.

Whatever it takes!

by Maria Getto

* The Rainmaker team has over a decade of experience consulting, building, and executing extensive B2B Marketing campaigns. Our blog is a place to share philosophies and impart our knowledge and experience on the Business community, and the entire Rainmaker team contributed to the content of this article. Not only do we practice what we preach, we can also help you and your company start more conversations. We open the door, you close the deal. Contact us for more info.



August 26, 2016